Steam Cleaning : The Best Option For The Industry

July 1, 2019 0 Comments

Steam cleaning machines were invented in the early 1980s; the objective was to devise a device that softened and disinfected the dirt, this was achieved by a jet of steam that penetrates in the form of dry steam into microscopic particles and remove the dirt from the surfaces.

And while not all surfaces are suitable for steam cleaning, in almost all industrial areas – in which stainless steel and other high-strength metal surfaces predominate – is the best alternative, both for practicality and efficiency .

Two of the main industrial areas are food and medical, because it requires high standards of hygiene that if a steam nozzle is not used, could only be achieved with potent chemicals, with all the damages implicit in the latter.

In addition to the high standards of hygiene, effective disinfection and sterilization as a result of steam cleaning reduces the risk of accumulation of fine organic dust in small cracks, which, in addition to being incubators for fungi and bacteria, can reach to be triggered by fires.

If this is not enough, steam cleaning is the option if you want to minimize costs, as it requires a low water consumption, in addition to eliminating the use of chemicals; which is also ecological; something to consider if you are looking to obtain or maintain quality certifications.

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