Sullair Lubricant- SRF II/8000®

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SRF II/8000® is a highly refined standard replacement fluid for stationary air compressors. This long-life hydro-treated petroleum-based fluid helps reduce maintenance, operation and disposal costs.

  • Lasts long-up to 8,000 hours or one year
  • Lubricates effectively-Excellent anti-wear properties are designed to provide long-lasting lubrication
  • Lowers expenses-Long changeout intervals cut maintenance labor and fluid disposal costs

Don’t be fooled by the numerous low cost look alike fluids available in the market today. While many companies claim they provide a “same as” fluid at a lower cost, it simply isn’t the case. Sullair fluids are highly engineered to provide optimum performance and energy conservation and the “same as” fluids just don’t match up.