Sullair SN Series


Sullair SN Series air compressors feature the robust, globally-recognized air end with a highly efficient asymmetric profile and tapered roller bearings — all backed by the Sullair comprehensive 10-year Diamond Warranty.

SN Series compressors include:
„ 3G enclosure design with lift-off panels for easy
„ Improved air/oil separator design
„ Oversized oil/aftercooler with higher cooling
capacities (46°C/115°F)
„ Efficient centrifugal fan and housing
„ 7˝ Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS): Provides easy
access to all key compressor performance parameters
„ Easy-access oil sampling valve
„ Factory-filled with 10,000-hour Genuine Sullube®

SN Series compressors can significantly reduce
operating and energy costs over the entire
compressor life cycle:
„ Proven air end with the low-restriction inlet valve
„ Premium efficient drive motor design
„ Low-pressure-drop air/fluid separation system to help
increase energy efficiency
Improved air filtration means:
„ Extended separator life
„ Improved fluid filter life
„ Less lubricant contamination

Standard Features
„ Legendary air end
„ Low-restriction inlet valve
„ Low carryover air/oil separator design
„ High efficiency drive and fan motor
„ Integral compressor sequencing
„ NEMA 4 Wye-Delta starter cabinet
„ TEFC Motor
„ 7˝ Sullair Touch Screen Controller (STS)
„ Compact footprint
„ Genuine Sullube® 10,000-hour, non-varnishing,
biodegradable compressor fluid
„ Optimalair® air filter providing 10 times better
filtration than other filters

Horsepower : 75 to 100
Flow (CFM): 377 to 500 (at 100 PSIG)
Pressure (PSIG): 100 to 175

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