*Sullair* Desiccant Dryers

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The Importance of Clean, Dry Compressed Air
Water jeopardizes everything you want your compressed air system to do. It ruins product and fouls processes. Removing it is vital in order to protect both your equipment and your operations.

Ideal for applications requiring extremely low dew point
-40°F/-40°C (-100°F/-73°C optional)

Desiccant Dryer Types

  • Heated Blower Purge:Uses roughly 0–3 % of process air during the regeneration process Heated Blower Purge Dryers use a combination of an additional heat source, air from a blower and little to no process air. The three-tiered method helps optimize drying and regeneration processes while reducing energy consumption — maximizing energy cost savings over the lifecycle.
  • Heated: Uses roughly 7% of process air during the regeneration process Heated dryers use an additional heat source— reducing process air loss during the regeneration process. The additional heat source helps enhance the drying and regeneration process while saving energy.
  • Heatless: Uses roughly 15% of process air during the regeneration process Heatless dryers divert a small amount of dried process air from the drying vessel to
    regenerate the opposite vessel.

The Sullair Desiccant Regenerative Dryer family combines the proven benefits of desiccant drying with the most advanced options and monitoring technology —providing dry compressed air for the most critical applications.

D SERIES 80-800
DP SERIES 80-2800
DHL SERIES 80-5000
DBP SERIES 500-10,000
DEX SERIES 200-3500
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