New! SP7 Oil Water Separator


The SP7 Oil Water Separatoris an easy, convenient, clean and cost-effective solution to filter condensate discharge and keep your compressor room EPA compliant.

All SP model Oil/Water Separators are engineered molecular filtration solutions for condensate discharge problems. These units are designed for molecular filtration of condensate, including emulsified lubricant solutions. SP units have a 100% Performance Guarantee of less than 10 ppm oil carryover.

SP model Oil/Water Separators are engineered to minimize maintenance and clean up headaches and reduce the cost of dealing with wastewater streams. The advanced molecular filtration system removes all types of lubricants, providing a truly scientific solution to a troublesome problem.

SP’s are proven in handling condensate containing these common compressor lubricants (including emulsified and silicone condensate solutions):

  • Polyglycols

  • Diester-based lubricants

  • PAO-based lubricants

  • Glycol-based lubricants

  • Silicone-based fluids

  • Hydraulic lubricants

  • Food grade lubricant

  • Mineral-based lubricants

Models vary by region. Please contact your Sullair sales representative for more details.