Sullair EES Heat Recovery System

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According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Industrial Technologies, as much as 93% of the electrical energy used by an industrial air compressor is converted into heat. This heat by-product, however, is recoverable and can be put to use to provide positive “Make-Up Air” for a building’s lower ambient air pressure due to the use of compressors and building exhaust systems, or for other various types of supplementary air and water heating.


Why a Sullair Energy Efficiency System (EES)?

Because with a Sullair EES, you can recover anywhere from 50% to 90% of this available thermal energy and save thousands of dollars on your fuel heating bills. For more information on how to implement a sustainable energy solution with a Sullair EES, read our product brochure then contact a Sullair representative near you!

Models Horsepower kW
3000PB 40 29
3000PVB 40 29
3700B 50 36
4500B 60 44
4500VB 60 44
4500PB 60 44
SN5500 75 55
SN5500V 75 55
SN5500S 75 55
SN7500 100 73
SN7500V 100 73
SN7500S 100 73

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