AWA Mobile Compressed Air Systems


What is an AWA?

AWA, (All Weather Air), portable stations. These units combine durability, reliability and ease of use to operate your compressed air equipment outdoors year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. Distributed in more than 10 countries AWA are used for permanent and short-term installations (rentals), when there is a lack of interior space, or to reduce the cost of installation, to protect your equipment against the weather, or simply to reduce noise levels (DBA) in the facility. The AWA offers a reduced operating cost of up to eight times less than an equivalent diesel compressor.

AWA packages come in a variety of standard sizes as well as customized sizes to fit your plant.

Models Weight* Length Width Height
SD4 2000 54″ 102″ 114″
SD8 3000 110″ 102″ 001″
SD12 3650 154″ 102″ 001″
SD16 4600 198″ 102″ 114″
SD20 7600 242″ 102″ 114″
SD24 8300 286″ 102″ 114″
SD28 12000 330″ 102″ 126″
SD32 17000 404″ 102″ 126″
*Weight with no equipment inside