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Most Common Serviced Parts

Having the right parts can make your service go even easier. If you have the correct parts.

The most common parts that need to be replaced are:

—–>Oil Filter<—–

—–>Air Filter<—–

—–>Oil/Water Separators<—–


Check with our parts department if you are using the right parts for the right compressor.

Oil Sampling and Your Warranty

Compressor fluid is the lifeblood of your compressor. Testing compressor fluid on a regular basis can help you manage compressor maintenance and optimize performance by identifying abnormal wear or contamination. A fluid analysis can help predict potential problems before a major or unplanned repair occurs — allowing you to avoid unnecessary downtime.

To maintain your Sullair warranty, fluid samples must be taken every 2000 hours or every 6 months—whichever occurs first!

And, a Sullair Fluid analysis can be done on any type of compressor fluid!

Genuine Parts for your Compressor

Genuine parts are paramount to the health of your air compressor. When you choose Sullair Genuine Parts, you’re using components that are engineered for the optimal performance of your Sullair machine. Designed with careful attention to detail, Sullair Genuine Parts:

„ Have the highest filtration performance — keeping contaminants out of your compressor — both air and fluid.

„ Are designed for low pressure drop — and low carryover, meaning your compressor operates more efficiently and requires fewer top-offs.

Plus, the regular use of Sullair Genuine Parts protects your Sullair warranty. Don’t risk your compressor’s performance — or your warranty — by using imitation parts. Count on Sullair Genuine Parts to maintain the health of your air compressor

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