About Us


We provide integral solutions in compressed air for the industry generally with highly trained personnel, according to the philosophy of the shareholders of the company. By adding value, generating confidence and being at the forefront of our processes, we promote the growth of clean energies.

We are a company specialized in compressed air systems for industry, consulting, distribution, service and rental of air equipment.

  • Sullair Lubricated Single and Two Stage Screw Compressors.
  • Sullair Oil Free Single and Two Stage Screw Compressors.
  • Sullair Lubricated Screw Vacuum Compressors.
  • Sullair Refrigated and Regenerative Air Dryers.
  • Coalescing Filters.
  • Genuine Spare Part.

Being a direct factory authorized dealer, we have complete support in customer service:


  • Engineering support and logistics for the selection of equipment that meet the requirements of the project in quality and quantity of air at the lowest cost as well as advice in distribution systems.
  • Customer training through courses of “Operation and Maintenance of Compressed Air Equipment to the personnel in charge of the equipment.
  • Extensive inventory with a large stock of genuine Sullair spare parts.
  • Service personnel trained in factory, equipped with the tools recommended<

MaqPower is proud to announce the new partnership and distribution of Holtec Nitrogen Generators. Since 1999, Holtec has designed and fabricated nitrogen generators for a great variety of industrial, food & beverage and manufacturing applications worldwide. Nitrogen generation provides an affordable, energy-conscious alternative to buying liquid nitrogen/high pressure gas cylinders. Producing only the purity of nitrogen needed with a Holtec Gas Systems Membrane or PSA Nitrogen Generator reduces your costs and eliminates the hassle and safety issues you have with cylinder or liquid nitrogen supplies.